Knowing Dr. Bindelglas was in my corner helped reduce my fear and anxiety. I would highly recommend his service to anyone. It saved my life. 
— Medical QB Patient

The Challenge That Every Patient Faces.

Medical issues involving diagnosis and treatment are complex, and communication between patients and physicians or their offices can be challenging. Patients are often unsure of their diagnosis, their therapeutic options, and how to best navigate the confusing healthcare landscape.

The Medical QB – The Solution.

A doctor who can take the time to understand an individual’s medical needs to provide guidance – helping people with diagnostic and therapeutic concerns and finding them a path forward.


Our Process

1. Connect with us through the web form or by emailing

2. Dr. Bindelglas will communicate with you around the basics of your medical question.

3. Our initial fee is $500 for the first two hours. Lengthier engagements will be billed at $350 per hour.